fandomsunite234 asked:

Sorry to bother you, again.... But I really want to buy your, ORIGINAL, daily doodles. On your website it says I have to contact you, but in which way? :) Thanks!!

Aw, thank you! I always feel so honored when people want to buy my art. And there’s several different ways you can choose to contact me. Most people seem to do it through FB private message, since I always post the pics of the drawings there. If you haven’t friended me there, you’re welcome to. I accept friend requests.

But if you’re not on Facebook, you can always email me at SWMessenger (at) hotmail (dot) com 

I always sell them first come first served, and sometimes they go pretty quick. So if you see one you really want, don’t wait too long to contact me. :)

fluffy312 asked:

I'm a 8th grader that managed to stumble upon this great thing called Keeper of the Lost Cities Which is the first good book I could stand to reread + I couldn't even reread the Kane series I love Dex with my whole heart + feel that he is being neglected + I have to scrape at the very bottom of things to find anything about him I understand that Sophie doesn't want to hurt him again but can you please write the fourth book with him as Sophies confidant Sorry if the third book has more Dex stuff

Awww, it makes me EVER so happy to hear you loved KEEPER, and I’m so glad to know you like Dex. He’s one of my favorite characters too, and he’s definitely in EVERBLAZE as much as I could fit him in, just like he’ll be in book 4 a whole lot, too. 

It’s a hard balance to strike, since I have so many characters and I have to make sure their scenes also match the story. EXILE was kind of challenging because so many of the things Sophie did required her to work alone, or with adults. But as the story progresses she’s getting to lean more on her friends, so that means we definitely get to see more of them.

Hopefully you’ll love EVERBLAZE as much as I do when you read. :)

claudiadonovan13 asked:

Hi Mrs. Messenger! Right off the bat I wanna say that Keeper of the Lost Cities is hands down one of the top ten best books I have EVER read! I've recommended it to a ton of people, and they all love it! Second, I'm writing my own books, and wanted to ask if you have any advice for young authors? You had key and exciting scenes, but you kept your readers interested in between those scenes too. Any advice as to how to keep the whole book interesting?! THANKS! God bless you!

Awwww, thank you so much. I’m so happy to hear you love KEEPER. Thank you so much for spreading the word, you have no idea how much that helps a fandom grow!

As for your question, my advice might seem rather simple, but really the trick is to revise A LOT. Usually the first time I write a scene it’s kind of flat and boring, because my brain seems to default to the most obvious. But if I go back and revise I can push myself to make the scene more special. And if it’s still not as good as it should be, I’ll revise again. And again. Writing is all about rewriting. Never settle for your first attempt. :)

fandomsunite234 asked:

Hi Shannon! Huge fan! I know you don't have time for this question, but i was wondering about the everblaze swag pack. Me and my friends, want the swag pack SO bad!! But we are not completely sure how to get it! Is there a way we can get it? Thanks!

Aw, thanks for being such an awesome fan. And yes, there will be an EVERBLAZE swag pack, that anyone who pre-orders the book can sign up to get. But it’s not posted yet. It’ll be on my website closer to EVERBLAZE’s release. And of course I’ll  tweet and tumblr and FB it to make it easy for people to find.

That doesn’t mean you need to wait to pre-order—you can pre-order any time. All pre-orders will count. You’ll just need to fill out the form once it’s posted, which should go live in early October.

dare-kingdom asked:

Do you prefer to hardback or paperback? I'm going to buy hardback EVERBLAZE, but I bought paperbacks for the 2 before it, so I have mixed feelings because then it won't fit as nicely together. But I CAN NOT wait until the paperback came out. I'm all excited.

I usually prefer hardcover, because they’re a little bit prettier. Plus they come out first and I’m impatient. So I think you’re making the right call grabbing EVERBLAZE right away. Another year would be a LONG time to wait for the paperback.

(Also: I have been known to buy both the paperback and the hardcover, since I collect books, and then I can have the whole set. But I might be weird….) 

acrossthesea- asked:

hellooo! gah, I just read about kotlc #4 and I'm sososo excited for it. anyways I was wondering when (or if) you know when everblaze will be coming out, sorry for pestering but I'm so anxious¡

Awww, yay, I’m so glad you’re excited about KEEPER #4. I’m definitely excited too! It’ll come out next fall, probably October or November, mostly because I’m still writing it.

EVERBLAZE, in the meantime, comes out much sooner. It goes on sale November 4th. So you only have a little more than 2 months left to wait. Here’s hoping you’ll love it as much as I do!

teamfosteruniverse asked:

Okay, so, does Fitz's name stand for something?

It does, just like all my character names. Fitz is actually short for “Fitzroy” which means “Son of the King.” There are no kings in the Lost Cities, but Fitz’s family are basically royalty. And since he’s very much the golden boy with the golden father, I thought the name was very fitting. :)

thebooknerdofathena asked:

oh my goodness I just saw on your goodreads that you are currently reading storybound which is one of my personal favorites besides the keeper of the lost cities. yeah so I thought that was cool and I wanted to see if you liked it as much as I did ok bye now. Oh and by the way, I have recruited another friend of mine and she is a part of the keeper fandom so yeah, just another reason to stop by Minnesota!!!!!

Ha—I always forget that people can see what I’m reading on goodreads. But yay for loving KEEPER and Storybound. I’m definitely a fan of both as well ;)   And thank you so much for helping me grow the KEEPER fandom. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Books need readers to spread the word, so you are doing an awesome job! 

Here’s hoping I get a tour stop in Minnesota someday. I loved it there when I visited last year. 

wreckitrick asked:

(I wanted to make you slightly jealous because I know you're an Anberlin fan) Guess who met them yesterday at Warped! I also got to pick up a copy of Lowborn. Man, if you like Lost Songs, you're going to love it. It's absolutely phenomenal :)

Oh, I AM jealous. I <3 them so much. And I did buy Lowborn. Haven’t had much time to listen to it yet, but what I did listen to, I loved. :)