thebooknerdofathena asked:

Hi there, It's Gwen #1 fan, I just wanted to know if you could stop by Minnesota anytime soon this summer or fall or winter or spring or whatever, that would be highly appreciated because I am fangirling over Everblaze coming out and the knowledge that there will be a 4th book!

Aw, hi Gwen! I honestly don’t know my travel schedule yet—and so often I don’t get to choose where I go. So all I can say is: *fingers crossed there will be a Minnesota stop this fall*. If not, you can always order a signed copy of EVERBLAZE from any of the bookstores I do signings at. All the information for when / where I will  be will be posted on my website as soon as I have it to share. 

midnights-secret asked:

Let me just say that I loved the first two books to the sky fall series! I was wondering if there is a 3rd book for the series in the process of being created? The ending of the 2nd book just left me wanting to read more and find out if Vane saves Audra and if there bond can be woven back together or if it's gone forever. Again I loved the first two book!!

Aw, thank you so much! Yes, the third book IS in the process of being created. But I don’t have an official release date for you yet. I promise as soon as I know I’ll post that info everywhere so people will know it’s coming.  But in the meantime all I can say is, “hopefully next year.” :)

coolguy956 asked:

Um hello Mrs.messenger I was wondering if there was going to be a movie for the first book?

I’m not sure which series you mean, but honestly the answer is the same: “that’s up to hollywood.” I do have a film agent who shops my film rights, but that doesn’t mean Hollywood will buy them, and even if Hollywood does, that’s still only the first step in a VERY long, VERY complicated process that very often doesn’t end in a movie. So it’s definitely possible. But odds are it would be several years away. And even then there’s no guarantee.

savannaisinneverland asked:

Do you have any YA books planned after Let the Sky Fall series is finished?

I’m not sure yet! I have several books I play with sometimes when I have a second to spare, but right now I’m a bit buried with deadlines on the last book in the Sky Fall series and book 4 of my middle grade series. Plus that would be a book coming out in like 2016 or 2017. So it’s hard to know this early on what I’ll be doing next. But I love YA so I’m definitely planning to keep writing it.

thathobbitbilbo asked:

Why did you make Keefe so dang attractive? I have started gazing at him in the Exile cover. Is this a bad thing????

LOL. Not a bad thing at all! Well, unless you’re really quite old, since he’s really quite young. Then that might be verging on cougar territory. :)

daleksofdeath asked:

What does Fitz's hair look like. It's kinda head to tell from the cover of everblaze (cause, yanno, the falling and stuff).

Ha—you’re right, it’s definitely hard to tell in the EVERBLAZE cover. Poor Fitz got a tough pose to look attractive in (after all, how many of us look good when we’re falling to our death). But I think he manages to pull the panic off. :) As for his hair, honestly I don’t describe his hair very specifically for a reason, because I like my readers to be able to picture it however they want. Basically, picture a really good looking dark haired boy with—in your opinion—the best haircut ever. Then imagine his eyes teal and you’re picturing your version of Fitz. :)

jayackie asked:

Okay, not a question but I just wanted to say that you are literally my fave author. Not just because you wrote my favorite series (Keeper of the Lost Cities) but also because you really keep in touch with your fans. I also think your series should be a lot more popular than it is now, you deserve it! :) You're a fab author! (okay now I'm rambling)

Awww. You are so sweet. Thank you so much! And I agree—while I absolutely love each and every reader who’s discovered my books, I would definitely love there to be a whole lot MOAR. I’m selfish like that. So thank you for reading and helping me spread the word! <3

(also: high five for rambling. RAMBLERS UNITE!)

glowclouds-offspring asked:

I've just watched a sad movie with my family and listening to the Keeper audiobook is making me feel better :)

Awww, yay! That makes me especially happy. I’ve never been a fan of sad movies (i will watch them sometimes, but usually only when forced) so I try hard to make my books feel happy. Glad to know it’s working!

kiwi-knight asked:

I know this is technically not a question, but you are so cool and the keeper books are awesome!

Ha, you’re right. That’s not a question. But I <3 it. I never mind people telling me nice things. In fact, I highly encourage it. 

*sits back and waits for more compliments* :)